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Hair Loss Specialists

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Offer the Revolutionary CNC Medical Grade 3D Printing Hair Second Scalp Prosthetic and effective hair loss treatments in Liverpool.

Hair restoration solutions

For quality 3D Medical Grade CNC second scalp prosthetic and scalp treatments, contact CR Labs.

Effective hair loss treatment

At CR Lab, we provide an innovative specialist Cesare Ragazzi medical grade 3D second scalp prosthetic, without the need to shave any residual hair. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories hair replacement systems are exclusively available to men, women and children suffering with hair loss without the need to compromise, and we have been improving the lives of our clients for more than 50 years worldwide. Our systems are made up of 100% virgin unprocessed hair and are created using the latest technology to ensure a natural look, and we are also able to provide treatments for thinning hair and baldness.

CR Labs hair treatment products

Our Products

Shop our range of products that can allow the hair to regain volume and shine within a few weeks

Quality hair loss solutions for men and women

Men and women can lose their hair due to hormonal changes, allergies, medication and medical treatments. At CR Lab, we take a great pride in providing excellent hair loss solutions, honest advice as well as support when required.

We aim to restore confidence to clients suffering debilitating hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, burns, illness or any other issues, giving them a high-quality second scalp hair replacement treatment. We specialise in CNC hair replacement systems and medical grade second scalps with 3D printing technology. Get in contact with us for an initial detailed consultation.

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  • CNC Medical Grade 3D Hair Prosthetic

  • Second Scalp

  • Caring & qualified staff

  • Hair loss specialists

  • Treatments in a safe and secure environment

  • High-quality natural look

  • Hair Extensions

  • Scalp Stimulation Massage

  • Trichology

About Us

At CR Lab, we have over 15 years of experience providing a comprehensive range of hair loss and scalp treatments for both male and female clients across the UK. Whatever issue you may be experiencing with your hair or scalp, our professional trichologists can help. Contact our hair loss specialists today about any concerns you may have and we will do everything we can to give you the best treatment you need.


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Hair loss is on the rise

The modern age of social media makes us all more self-conscious. Hair loss from all forms of alopecia, genetic hereditary conditions etc can damage our confidence & lower self-esteem. Here at CR Lab Liverpool, we offer a wide range of non-surgical hair replacement solutions. To book a no-obligation consultation & restore your confidence contact us at

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My Story

I am not blessed with genetically thick, strong and full hair resulting in many years since my late teens feeling self-conscious about it. The only immediate solution for me was the addition of hair extensions.

Years later I also had 2 hair transplant procedures completed and both transplants to my disappointment failed. So back to hair extensions, it was for me. Following further research into the causes of my hair loss and the study of trichology I discovered the CNC second scalp system.Since having my own laser printer prosthesis fitted I haven't looked back, it truly has revolutionised how I feel about myself and immediately transformed how I look.

The very 1st thing I must be clear on is the CNC system is not in anyway to be compared or mistaken for a wig- it is an individually created direct copy of your your scalp, therefore referred to as a second scalp.

Hair loss specialists you can rely on

Are hair loss or scalp problems causing you to be less confident? For quality 3D Medical Grade CNC second scalp prosthetic and scalp treatments, contact CR Lab. We use the most advanced system in the world using up to date and modern 3D technology, so you can live life without compromise!


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