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Cesare Ragazzi is a renowned worldwide brand with uncompromising quality for hair replacement and hair loss solutions. 

These best hair growth products and trichology treatments have been formulated to both nourish and improve the look and feel of virtually all hair types or scalp conditions. The CRLab line of trichological products and protocol is revolutionising the way hair stylists and hair restoration professionals treat all hair conditions.

Following a CRLab scalp analysis and Tricotest assessment, our consultant will help you determine the best CRLab hair growth trichology products to suit your needs. All of our products are produced from natural ingredients, such as plant stem cells and essential oils.

CR Lab products

Havogen 5

Havogen 5 is a complex patch, which slowly release the active principle through the skin for 12 hours from the application. Thanks to powerful antioxidant agents and the Vitamin E, Havogen 5 strongly fights free radicals formation. The Serenoa Repens extracts and the 5alpha avocuda (derived from Avogado extracts), sebum and DHT inhibitor, with L-Cistein (a great keratinising agent) and the group B Vitamins (very important as nourishment for the hair bulb), all together co-work for fighting hair loss ant for improving hair growth. The silk proteins contained in its formulation, enhance hair structure giving thickness and shining. Havogen 5 has 5 important actions: - reducing 5alpha reductase activity, - fighting and inhibiting free radicals formation, - giving nourishment to the hair bulb, - fighting hair loss, protecting hair structure.

CR Lab hair loss products

Hair Loss Prevention

The treatment works by combating hair loss and restoring volume, strength and vitality to hair that’s miniaturized, thin and prone to falling out. It’s important to do this because fuller-looking hair is achieved by both the number of hairs you have and the thickness of each. The study conducted by showed that after

3 months of treatment hair thickness increased by 17 to 23% in volume, with 100% satisfaction from respondents.

The CRLAB Hair Loss Prevention Green Line also helps make hair more full-bodied, shinier, softer to the touch and more beautiful to look at. To achieve this, our products contain many active ingredients, all naturally derived, such as Serenoa Repens and Apple plant stem cells. Serenoa Repens act at the level of the hair bulb, blocking the action of DHT – a hormone with a rather complicated name (dihydrotestosterone) – which stops the bulb accepting and absorbing the nutrients it needs to grow strong, healthy hair.

Thanks to the ingredients contained in the CRLAB Hair Loss Prevention Green Line formula, your hair bulbs will be nourished once more and can start to regrow healthy, strong,
and thick hair that you can be proud of.

CR Lab dandruff products


The Purple CRLAB Line has been designed with a dual function: Combats persistent dry dandruff and a flaky scalp, Has great soothing abilities and eases areas of redness and itching.

It contains ingredients such as Jojoba, Juniper, and Sweet Orange essential oils, Climbazole and Salicylic acid which increase scalp hydration and have strong soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Alpha-hydroxy acids which enable deep regeneration of the scalp. Hydrolyzed Collagen which reconstitutes damaged connective tissue and helps rehydrate the scalp. Active ingredients that reduce the build-up of the yeast Malassezia, one of the most common causes of dandruff. A powerful probiotic principle that rebalances the scalp, encouraging the growth of microorganisms useful for the skin's metabolism. Rhododendron stem cells, known for their strong regenerative properties.

If you have a problem with hair loss as well as dry dandruff, itching and irritation, it’s important to first heal the scalp. Soothing the inflammation of the skin and preparing it to receive the restorative effects of CRLAB’s Green Hair Loss Prevention Line treatment.

CR Lab hair loss products


CRLAB's Sebum Regulating Yellow Line has been designed and tested to regulate sebum production and eliminate oily dandruff. The essential oils contained in it have extraordinary astringent qualities and are combined with highly nutritious plant extracts.

It contains ingredients such as Jojoba extract (the makeup of which is very similar to our natural sebum), Avocado extract, which regulates sebaceous production, Laminaria and Larch Mushroom extracts, which have an extraordinary astringent capacity that prevents hair from becoming heavy due to excess sebum, Azelaic Acid, which combines powerful antimicrobial activity with an astringent effect that reduces sebaceous production. Edelweiss stem cells, which have the powerful ability to rebalance sebaceous secretion. Active ingredients that reduce the proliferation of the Malassezia yeast – one of the leading causes of dandruff.

If you suffer from hair loss as well as a particularly oily scalp, it’s important to first heal the scalp, freeing it from sebum plugs before starting our specific anti-hair loss treatment – the CRLAB Hair Loss Prevention Green Line.

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